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Free Government Grants for Women

Grants for Women As women have become more independent in American society, attending college and becoming business owners, additional financial resources to assist women in these ventures have become available. A number of sources including the federal government, state governments, foundations, and organizations offer support in the form of grants for women. Women grants are available for women who wish to continue their education or open and operate a business. Below you will find tips and suggestions on how to identify, prepare and submit women grant proposals to the federal government, state governments, foundations and organizations.

Researching Women Grants by Funder Type

  1. If you are looking for grants for women offered by the federal government, you should look through the federal grant solicitations provided on the website.
  2. Look into contacting your state's Department of Education and Department of Development to see what grant opportunities are currently being solicited that you may be eligible to obtain.
  3. If you are searching for foundations that provide women grants you should access a foundation database, such as the free foundation database maintained by Foundation Center at Foundation Centre.
  4. A good place to start searching for organizations that provide women grants in your local area is to contact your local social service organization. Often times, social service organizations or your local United Way office will have a list of "helping organizations" that provide grants, such as women grants, on behalf of individuals.

Tips for Applying for Women Grants

  1. Read each Request for Proposal (RFP); noting each of the specific requirements for each women grants proposal or letter of intent.
  2. Create a checklist that encompasses every requirement by proposal or letter of intent. Make sure to include items such as: the deadline, requested proposal length, font type specified, spacing requirements, content that must be included (executive summary, project purpose, etc.) and any required attachments for each women grant proposal.
  3. Ensure that each application is organized and complete.
  4. Review and edit the contents of every section of the proposal or letter of intent.
  5. Adhere to the published deadline. It is highly advisable to send your proposal or letter of intent well ahead of the published deadline.

Good luck in researching and applying for one of the many women grants solicitations. If it becomes difficult to locate or complete the applications for women grants, consider contacting an experienced professional grant writer for assistance.

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