Owning a commercial enterprise has become even more difficult given the current economic climate. Many commercial enterprises have found themselves without a steady income; yet, they are facing operational costs that continue to rise. Commercial grants have grown in number since the sharp decline in the economy; likely as a result of local, state and federal efforts to provide monetary assistance to individuals working in commercial enterprises.

A number of local governments are offering assistance in the form of commercial grants to assist business owners in reducing their overhead costs and toward an interest in rehabilitating and revitalizing businesses and housing in their local areas. Examples of these commercial grant opportunities are outlined below.

City of McAllen, Texas

The city of McAllen, Texas currently is accepting applications for “Commercial Matching Grants”. These commercial grants allow for funds ranging from $1000 to $5000 to be awarded as a match, meaning that for every dollar the commercial enterprise spends that the city will make an equal contribution, to complete a landscaping project to make McAllen a more beautiful city.

The city of Kissimmee, Florida offers several matching commercial grants to assist businesses in rehabilitating and revitalizing the buildings that they own. One commercial grant opportunity is a “Matching Sign Grant” which provides a match of up to $750 to businesses that wish to install a sign within the eligible requirements of the grant. A second commercial grant opportunity is a “Matching FaAade Rehabilitation Grant” which provides a match of up to $5,000 to businesses for exterior improvements within the eligible requirements of the grant. Their third commercial grant opportunity is a “Matching Revitalization Grant” which is available for a match of up to $5,000 for repairs in compliance with the local code to occupy the building. Lastly, the city offers a “Water and Sewer Impact Fee Assistance Program” commercial grant which is available for half of the cost to the business. For more information visit: kissimmee.org.

Wake County, North Carolina

The county of Wake, Florida offers a commercial grant “Commercial Waste Reduction Grants” of up to $10,000 that is awarded to businesses with an innovative commercial waste reduction plan.

The federal government also provides a number of commercial grants that can benefit commercial enterprises. An example of one of these programs is listed below.

Commercial Grant-Solar Energy

The federal government is currently offering a “Commercial Solar Energy Grant” for businesses that decide to use solar energy in their operations. This commercial grant allows for 30% of the total costs for all projects begun in 2011 to be granted to the business.

If you are searching for a commercial grant to fund a project in your area, you should contact your local city and county government and local housing authority to see what opportunities are presently available in your area that could assist you.

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