he reality in life is that there are but a very few things that are truly free. Free government grants are far from that reality and should be considered as nothing more than a myth; for something to be free it has to be something that is given with no strings attached. Grant funds, specifically government grant funds, have a number of strings attached.

Government grant funds have stringent reporting requirements in which every federal contractor has to specify how the money was spent, whom the funds served, and the overall outcomes achieved with funding (i.e. how many were affected by the funding opportunity). For example, the American Reinvestment and Recovery Act (ARRA) federal fund allocations remain posted online in an effort to demonstrate transparency and allow an opportunity for the public to see their tax dollars at work. The website for tracking the ARRA funds located at Recovery.govgoes as far as to have a section allowing citizens to report fraud, waste or abuse of these federal funds. Websites, such as the ARRA fund tracking website, only further demonstrate that the government does not provide free money from the government or free government grants.

Although various web pages and television infomercials boost the immense availability of free government grant money, using taglines such as: “free money from the government”; the reality again is that free government grants are a myth. A number of these websites advertising free government grants are scams and should be avoided. One could argue that because grants from the federal government do not have to be repaid that free government grants do not have to be repaid that free government grants do exist. However, while it remains true that grant funds do not accrue interest and do not have to repaid that only remains a fact as long as the contractor complies with the rules and regulations specified by the funder.

For those individuals, corporations and organizations that plan on applying for government funding, it is imperative to remember that federal funds for grants are taxpayer dollars that have been allocated to assist with a specific cause in an effort to improve society. On the basis of the source and intent for these government funds, it should be easy to understand why free government grants really do not exist. If one is intent on locating and obtaining government grant funding for a specific cause, use reputable sites directly from the federal government or contract with a legitimate grant consulting service to search and apply for open solicitations and avoid using sites advertising access to or assistance in securing free government grants. While there are no free government grants a number of government grants do exist to assist individuals, organizations and businesses.

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