Making the decision to purchase a home is a large part of the American dream, bringing happiness to individuals all across the country. The choice to purchase a home can also be filled with strife and frustration. A great source of frustration can from finally finding the house that you have your heart set on and a home that you can see you and your family inside, but you are having a difficult time coming up with the all of the funds that you will need to make the purchase. Or maybe you own your home but are unable to afford a number of necessary repairs. There may be some relief in sight; you may be able to qualify for a low income housing grant.

Low income housing grants can come from a number of sources. Some come directly from the federal government while others are administered by the state or local municipalities. A number of nonprofit organizations offered down payment assistance in the form of low income housing grants to buyers until 2008 when President Bush signed a law into effect making it illegal for nonprofit organizations to provide down payment assistance to low income home buyers. Be prepared to do a lot of research yourself to find the grants for low income housing that are best matched with your situation. Below we will take a look at several examples of low income housing grants that are presently available.

A number of states and local municipalities have been allocated federal funds to assist low income individuals in obtaining low income housing grants. For example, Florida Housing is presently administering the State Housing Initiatives Partnership (SHIP) program which allows eligible individuals to receive low income housing grants toward funding emergency repairs, new construction, rehabilitation, down payment and closing cost assistance, impact fees, construction and gap financing, mortgage buy-downs, acquisition of property for affordable housing, and matching dollars for federal housing grants. For additional information visit:

The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) is presently offering real estate housing grants to very low income individuals who own their own home but are need of repairing or rehabilitating the property. Grants for low income housing are awarded in amounts not to exceed $7,500 for low income individuals to remove a health or safety hazard from their home.

Additionally, the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) awards a number of low income housing grants to states and local municipalities each year. You should contact your local housing authority and find out if they currently possess any low income housing grant funds that could be of assistance to you. For additional information on HUD’s low income housing grants visit:

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