Training grants are available to a diverse population to meet a wide array of varying training needs. These grants are primarily allocated by private or corporate foundations and by the federal government. Grants for training from the federal government are not provided directly to individuals; rather they are given to state-run local social service organizations to be allocated on behalf of individuals that meet the requirements of the federal government. While the list of grants for training is a very long list, the remainder of this article is dedicated to looking at a very small sample of the wide spectrum of funding opportunities in this area.

As examples, training grants are presently available to healthcare institutions desiring to conduct research with doctoral students, individuals with disabilities, employers hiring individuals that have suffered “long term” employment, and nonprofit agencies seeking information technology training for their employees. Additional information on each of these training grants that are presently seeking proposals is provided below.

  1. Offered by the National Institutes of Health are grants for training to institutions working with individuals who have or are pursuing a research or health-professional doctorate that are interested in completing health-based research. For more information visit the National Institutes of Health: Health Based Research Grants
  2. Offered by the US Department of Labor is the Disability Employment Initiative (DEI) program which provides improved training and education to disabled youth and adults who are unemployed, underemployed or are receiving Social Security Disability benefits. For more information visit the Department of Labor: Department of Labor Guidelines
  3. Offered by the US Department of Labor is a training grant to a number of state Department of Labor offices for the administration of the American Recovery & Reinvestment funds. These funds are set to be used to reimburse employers for their costs associated with training individuals that they have recently hired that are deemed to have been unemployed for a period of 16 weeks or longer. To receive these grants for training, individuals have to be working with the local Department of Labor office and meet all of the stated requirements. For more information visit the State of Georgia’s Stimulus Accountability:
  4. Offered by a number of private or corporate foundations are training grants to nonprofit organizations to provide information technology training to their employees. For more information visit Technology Grant News:

The above is merely an example of the various types of training grants that are available to a select group of individuals. If you are interested in receiving additional training in a specific area, you will need to research and apply to potential funder’s whose criteria provides the best match for your unique training need and your present circumstances. It is highly important to remember that grant funds do not have to be repaid, so start your research for training grants today!

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