federal government, through each of their departments, provides funding to assist organizations, businesses and individuals in endeavors that are aligned with the initiatives that have been earmarked by legislators. These grants, to include government grants for women, are provided by the federal government and are available to assist women in pursuing an advanced education and in securing funds to open and operate a business venture. The remainder of this article will examine specific solicitations for educational and small business government grants for women.

Women Government Grants for Education

A number of government funded institutions provide government grants for women. Many of these institutions offer industry-specific awards to women. As an example, women wishing to pursue an education in computer information technology or engineering may be eligible for an award from the National Science Foundation. A current solicitation, ADVANCE: Increasing the Participation and Advancement of Women in Academic Science and Engineering Careers (ADVANCE) is open and available to women who meet the eligibility requirements outlined by the National Science Foundation. For more information on ADVANCE and on the National Science Foundation visit: nsf.gov.

Women Government Grants for Small Businesses

Women business owners, depending on their industry, may be eligible to apply for government grants for women geared toward assisting them in the operation of their business. Women government grants are only available to women owned businesses that that are offering services for the betterment of their community, such as through nonprofit activities. Information on these opportunities for women government grants that are currently available are located on the www.grants.gov website. Individuals searching these grants should use the key word search feature to locate government grants for women that match the type of service that they provide to the community. Additionally, the Small Business Association (SBA) provides a great tool to see if a business venture would qualify for a grant. To access the tool visit: sba.gov

In searching for government grants for women, remember that these grants are very limited in scope due to the restrictions of the federal government. The federal government provides grants, such as women government grants, only in defined areas that meet the needs and requirements of the federal government and should not be considered “free money”. That being said; again there are women government grants out there. One must display great patience and persistence to locate a government grant for women that is the best fit for what they want to do.

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