Community grants are grants that are provided to improve communities all over the country from a variety of sources. The federal government provides community government grants, state governments also provide community government grants, and a host of corporations provide community grants to local nonprofit organizations to assist in their efforts. To begin, you will need to determine your area of need to best match your initiative with a source of funding.

  1. Community government grants that are administered by the federal government are usually open to municipalities, counties, nonprofit organizations and tribal communities who have the authority to undertake a specific initiative that falls within their specific criteria. These grants often require collaboration and working agreements, commonly known as Memorandums of Understanding between partnering agencies. Each grant will have its own specific guidelines and application procedures. Below are two community government grant opportunities.
  2. Rural Development Grant

    The USDA administers a rural development grant that is available to communities with a population of less than 20,000 that are seeking to construct a community facility. Only municipalities, counties, nonprofit organizations, and tribal governments who are unable to secure building funds from traditional commercial entities with reasonable rates and possess the legal authority for construction are eligible to apply. For more information visit: USDA Rural Development Website

    Community Development Block Grants

    The US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) administers multiple community development block grants that seek to provide decent and affordable housing to a variety of communities across the country. For more information visit:

  3. State funded community government grants are also usually open to municipalities, counties, nonprofit organizations and tribal communities who have the authority to undertake a specific initiative that falls within their specific criteria. Like the federal community government grants, most often these grants also require a highly collaborative effort that has the approval of all known stakeholders. Provided below is an example of Georgia’s, Governor’s Office on Children and Families System of Care Grant.
  4. System of Care Grant

    Administered by the Governor’s Office on Children and Families in the state of Georgia, the System of Care is a community government grant that is designed to promote stabilization and strength to families and communities. The grant requires an integrated and coordinated effort among the agencies within the community.

  5. Community grants can also come from local business or corporations in a community. While these grants tend to be in smaller increments than community government grants, these opportunities typically possess fewer restrictions on how the funding is allocated. These community grants can be monetary or they provide an organization with in-kind products or services in line with the services of the organization. Community grants also have the potential to provide nonprofit organizations with a core group of volunteers from the business enterprise that are willing to undertake large or small scale projects. Below are several links to corporations that provide community grants:
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