If and when an emergency or disaster strikes for individuals or communities there are numerous grants available to help with many aspects of the damage and loss caused to the area. Grant money for these situations may come from federal and state government or from other foundations and groups. There are not only grants available for after the disaster but grant money is available prior in the form of disaster preparedness grants. Below is the breakdown of what is available to individuals, communities and businesses effected by tragedy.

Disaster Preparedness Grants – these grants fund the planning and preparation stage before disaster strikes particularly targeting areas prone to repeated emergency situations. Disaster preparedness grants allow communities to organize themselves by strengthening the emergency response systems, personnel and equipment so it can be on the ready if and when the emergency or disaster strikes. The federal government offers grants for this through FEMA and local groups and foundations have their own version of these types of grants.

Disaster / Emergency Relief Grants – After a natural disaster or other emergency many organizations and foundations will fund and offer grants called emergency grants which assists the community with the utmost need for basic necessities including water, food, and shelter. FEMA steps in when the area is declared a disaster area by the federal government this allows the government to fund FEMA disaster assistance and offer individuals and communities disaster relief grants which will allow funding for temporary housing, home repairs, uninsured losses, medical and mental counseling expenses along with other expenditures related to the tragedy.

Community Recovery Grants – HUD provides grants for states, cities and towns to recover from Presidentially declared disasters, these grants help to rebuild the affected areas and provide crucial seed money to start the recovery process. HUD can lend a hand to these desperate areas that otherwise might not recover due to limited local resources.

Individuals and businesses affected by disasters must be diligent in finding out what programs are being offered and take the time reach out and properly apply for these grants before appropriations or time runs out.

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