Grants to help you in conducting research. Research plays a vital role in changing lives and making society aware of new and emerging trends. It ranges from medical research, to include cures for illnesses such as cancer and AIDs, to criminal justice research, which examines the current trends in crime such as property crimes and crimes against persons. For all of the good that research brings to our society, research studies are often very complex in nature and very expensive to perform. A number of institutions offer a variety of grants to cover the costs associated with conducting research.

Funders that provide research grants range from private foundations to federal agencies. For example, the Harry Frank Guggenheim (HFG) Foundation provides grants that range from $15,000 to $40,000, for either a one or two year term, to individuals conducting research on the causation, manifestation, and control of violence and aggression within the world. For more information on the Harry Frank Guggenheim Foundation visit: Harry Frank Guggenheim Foundation Website. One example of a federal research grant opportunity is the Alzheimer’s research grant that was just awarded to Indiana University in November of 2011 by the National Institutes of Health (NIH).

Research Grant Tips

  1. If you are looking to locate and apply and for a research grant or a federal research grant, you must first determine whether you are looking for a funder to sponsor work that you will be doing alone or in conjunction with an institution. Research grant funders usually make a decision to award grants only to individuals or only to institutions.
  2. If you are looking for federal research grants, you should begin by looking at and then expand your search to the federal agencies that are associated with the types of research that you wish to perform. As an example for health initiative research, the National Institute of Health, or for criminal justice research initiatives the Justice Department, are good starting points.
  3. If you are looking for foundation supported research grants, you will want to investigate the foundations that are associated with the types of research that you intend to conduct. For example if you were interested in conducting research pertaining to the human heart or strokes, the AHA provides several research grant opportunities.
  4. For additional private foundations that offer research grant assistance, you should consider using the foundation database maintained by the Foundation Center,, to locate foundations that support your specific area of research.
  5. Best of luck in locating and obtaining a research grant to support your research initiative! If you find that you are having trouble locating research grants or completing your research grant applications, you may wish to contact a professional grant writer.

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