State government grants are available for a variety of purposes. These grants can be used to assist business owners, students wishing to pursue college, individuals purchasing a home, and nonprofits in providing services to their community.

State government grants for businesses

New York State’s Empire for State Development provides a state government grant open to for-profit businesses, entitled “Economic Development Purposes Grant”. This state government grant is available to assist businesses in “economic development initiatives and projects that create or retain jobs, generate increased economic activity and improve the economic and social viability and vitality of local communities.” For more information visit: visit: Empire State Development.

State government grants for education

In California, Cal Grants are funded by the State of California with a small amount coming from the Federal LEAP grant program. This partial state government grant can be used for attendance at CSU or UC and for occupational and training school attendance. Awards vary based on the school attended and financial need. For more information visit: California Student Aid Commission

State government grants for housing

State government grants can also assist individuals in obtaining the funds that they need to close on a new home. For example the state of California offers the School Facility Fee (SFF) Down Payment Assistance Program, which provides a conditional grant to qualified home buyers in the amount of the partial or full school facilities fees that were paid by the builder. If the home buyer remains in the home for period of at least five years, the entire amount provided for the down payment is forgiven and is fully granted to the homebuyer. For more information visit:

State government grants for nonprofit services

Each year, every state allocates funds during their legislative sessions to the direct service provision of programs that seek to meet the needs of individuals in their state. These funds are available to nonprofit organizations. For example, the Governor’s Office for Families and Children in Georgia allocates state funds to the System of Care grant program. For more information visit: If you work for a nonprofit organization and you are interested in receiving state government grants to assist you in your work, you should visit the state’s governing organization for your charity to inquiry about the availability of funds.

Every state provides its own unique state government grant opportunities to direct state funding into defined “need” or purpose areas as deemed by the state’s legislators. If you are considering state government grants to support a program of importance to you, it is advisable for you to keep a close eye on legislative sessions in your state and the announcement of an availability of funds in your defined area of need.

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