While juggling tasks at home and work, moms have little time to further their studies. Higher education does not come cheap either. This means in a home where there is not much money to go around, a mom must look for funds elsewhere. Fortunately, there are several education assistance programs that moms can apply to and get educational assistance. This assistance is offered by federal, state and educational institutions.

Pell grant

This grant is available to all needy US students in college education. It can be applied for by filing a FAFSA. This is open to all needy students including moms who need go back to school but don’t have the money. This grant is around $5,000 a year.

American Association of Women

This is a scholarship that if offered to women intending to go back to school and further their education in statistics, Math, engineering, computer science and other courses that male dominated. The beneficiary can get $5,000-20,000.

Charlotte W. Newcombe Scholarships for Mature Women

This is a scholarship that is open to women who are over 25 years and would like and are attending college for the first time after high school. The beneficiary must have completed 60 years of college credit.

Patsy Takemoto Mink award

This scholarship offers 5 scholarships each year to 5 deserving women. The applicant should be pursuing a bachelors, masters, doctorate or associate degree. Assessment for eligibility is based on personal circumstances, financial need, career goals, and personal character.

Soroptimist Live Your Dream Award

This award is offered to 1,200 women each year. Mothers who support themselves or are sole breadwinners can apply for this grant. It starts at the local to national and international levels. The grant ranges $5,000-20,000.

Jeanette Rankings Women Scholarship

This is a scholarship open to low-income women who are 35 years and above who are pursuing an undergraduate degree. It awards $2,000 a year. The applicant must submit a personal statement 500-1,000 words long.

Executive Women ASIST Program

The Adult Students in Scholastic Transition Program (ASIST) is open to 13 women each year. The grant ranges $2,000-10,000. The application can be made at any of the 38 local chapters of the grant.

PEO program for continuing education

This program is open to women who had their college education interrupted and would like to go back to school. It is backed by the Philanthropic Education Organization and is worth about $3,000 every year.

FACT second chance scholarship

The Federation of American Consumers and Travelers offers education assistance to women who graduated from high school and would like to go to college after three or four years.

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