Marriage and children changes priorities for a woman. As a mom with young children, it becomes hard to concentrate on studies leaving a single mom few choices other than deferring studies. When life becomes less hectic, you may want to go back to school but find that the finances do not allow. This may because you have not been working, tuition fees have gone up or other circumstances have changed. As a mom returning to school, there are several programs you can to for help in realizing your education goals. Some are run by the federal government, some by state and local authorities, some by private philanthropic charities and individuals and some by educational institutions.

Federal programs

The federal government is the biggest supporter of needy students. Any US student can file a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) which is the starting point for applying to student aid. The FAFSA is to be filled by June 30th every year. Ideally, the FAFSA should be filled as soon as you get your re-admission letter. If you are a single mom, ensure that you indicate you are an independent student. This means you have zero Expected Family Contribution (EFC). This makes you eligible for higher federal aid amounts.

State programs

Many states have an educational aid program for needy students who are their residents. Notable states with large programs are New York, California, and Minnesota. Moms who want to return to school can check whether they qualify for any of these state programs.

Educational institutions programs

Almost all colleges and universities run assistance programs of one kind or another. Some are based on merit where you qualify for high GPAs. Others are for athletic prowess. As a mom, you can apply for those programs that are meant for needy students based on the financial assessment.

Philanthropic organizations and institutions

There are hundreds of charitable organizations and individuals that support education. Different charities support different causes which make their programs differ in beneficiary profile and support amounts. You will find charities that support women who want to further their education in general, or who want to pursue certain subjects. Moms who want to pursue a college education after spending few years out of high school will also find charities that are willing to support them. Big businesses also have corporate social responsibility programs which include education aid program for subjects that are beneficial to their industry. For example, if you want to pursue a career in Information Technology you will find scholarships supported by big tech companies. Pursuing further education has never been easier with these multiple sources of support.

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