If you have a great business idea, lack of funding should not hold you back from your vision. Sometimes financial institutions might not come to your rescue if you do not fit the profile they are looking for when assessing for a loan. The good news is that there are several grants for women entrepreneurs. The federal government runs different grant programs. The Small Business Administration (SBA) is your best bet when looking for leads on government grants. However, it must be noted that government grants are meant for specific tasks, for example, bringing your idea to the market. There are also numerous private grant providers with programs for women entrepreneurs.

Federal grants

The federal government’s agencies in health, defense, agriculture and other government functions offer grants to small businesses who are offering services and products that are of interest to the government’s functions. The government has a searchable database for these grants. This is the number one portal for government grants. You can create an account to get more functionality from the site. You can filter and view hundreds of grants offered by the federal government through its agencies.

Small business authority (SBA)

This is the agency mandated to promote small businesses in the country. If your small business has potential to contribute positively to federal research and development work, you are eligible for these grant programs. These two programs are funded by 11 federal agencies covering defense, health, human services and agriculture. The SBA also runs grants under the InnovateHer challenge. This is a grant for women with a product or service that is positively affecting other women’s lives. You can participate in a local InnovateHer challenge which allows you to proceed to the national semi-finals.

Private grants

Women entrepreneurs can seek support from private funders. These include charities that support women in trade and busineses that give more choices to women. Some of these funders are willing to support good business ideas by women 100% in form of grants while others work out other forms of support like mentorship and business development support programs. Big busineses are often willing to support women businesses that offer value in their industries. Tech companies for example are willing to take under their wings women entrepreneurs with unique business ideas that can make impact in the tech industry. These big businesses often run business competitions to encourage women innovators and entrepreneurs step up to the challenge of small business.

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