In our previous narrative, we pointed out that it is the budget section of the proposal which often eliminates many contenders for the grant – well, if the budget section does not eliminate you, then you have advanced to the applicant qualification section. This is the section where you have to state your case as to your ability to get this job done and deliver the type of project that the funder is looking for.

It is in this section of the Request for Proposal that the funder describes the criteria that will comprise your organization. In other words, the funder tells you what he or she is looking for and you better sit up straight and pay attention to the instructions and information you are given.

Remember that it is the funder who is putting the money up for this project or program, and you do not set the parameters for the composition of the organization the funder wants to see develop the program or project.

Here are a few areas generally covered by the funder in the Request for Proposal section relative to information about your company:

  • Examples of similar projects or programs developed by your organization
  • Company or organization history
  • Some background information on the executives of your company or organization
  • Cost of items needed for the course
  • Specific information on your company or organization, such as size and sphere, number of beneficiaries, geographic locale, organizational charts and anything else

Next week, we will continue in this area and prepare a criteria list which could mirror the one that appears on the next Request for Proposal you may consider.